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For better guidance and service the IME Business School has one admission procedure for all its masters.

In the case of other programs and more information, please email infoime@usal.es.

Necessary steps to apply for admission to the IME Business School Program

Step 1. Admissions Application

Complete the admissions form and send to selección.ime@usal.es along with the following information:

– A brief currículum vitae. The curriculum vitae should be presented in the IME Business School format IME CV . Pay attention to the instructions while filling out the CV, especially the part relating to languages (AdmissionDocument).

Step2. Notice from the IME Business School Admissions Commission

The type of response you will receive is:

  1. You meet the requirements to be a student of lME Business School and follow the admission process, according to step 3.
  2. You do not meet the requirements to be a student of lME Business School. In this case you will be explained why and the candidate will be advised.
  3. We need more information, what is needed will be specified.

Step 3 Interview

The candidate will choose a date to have their interview with the IME Business School. The interview will consist of two parts; the first part will be a series of questions for the interviewee in order to determine whether or not he fits the profile specified by the partner companies. In the second part, the candidate can ask the Director of the Masters any questions that he feels appropriate. The interview will take place in the IME Business School on the Miguel Unamuno Campus in Salamanca. If you have a problem with travelling to Salamanca during this time, please contact the IME Business School (selección.ime@usal.es). Those companies who find it necessary can conduct interviews with the candidates who have opted for scholarships granted by said companies. In the case that the candidate has knowledge of english and/or other languages that they believe are valuable, a language competency test, written and oral, will be given the same day as the interview.

Step 4 Award of full and partial scholarships

Full and partail scholarships will be awarded from matriculations financed by the partner businesses with the IME Business School, and students that have been corresponding about said scholarships will be immediately notified.

Step 5. Results of the Admissions Test

Students will be informed of the results of the entrance tests and the corresponding admission through a letter of admission.