“We trust in their performance”



Liudmyla Ivakhnova MBA in Foreign Trade 2016. Department of Export in Neumáticos Andrés (Salamanca/Spain)


“The MBA with a specialization in foreign trade was an amazing opportunity that I was given thanks to the great organization that is the IME Business School of Management. Originally from Ukraine, that decision I made after having graduated with a specialization in International Management in Germany. The theoretical sessions accompanied by applied case studies and the internship in the Internation Department of Neumáticos Ándres are the key to effective preparation for the professional world.  I am very grateful to the Institute and its director, Julio Pindado, who put me in contact with the business that I am currently working for- where my colleagues completely support me day to day.”

Sara Zaballos Galindo. MBA DEF 2015. Department of Product Management at Mango (Barcelona/Spain)

Sara Zaballos“Thanks to the MBA DEF I have acquired a great understanding of the reality of current family businesses. The training of both the theoretical and practical nature has allowed me to enter the world of work with great security. Currently the IME Business School offers a great variety of programs that adapt to many different professional profiles. I 100% recommend any of these masters because of the quality training. More so, I was lucky to meet incredible people, my colleagues, that have strengthened my connections and have made my year in the MBA DEF unique for my professional development and filled with unforgettable moments”


Guillermo Wyttenbach Benítez. MBA DEF 2014, Caja Rural de Salamanca. (Salamanca / España)

Guillermo Alberto Benitez“Doing the MBA DEF has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It is a quality MBA that allows you to be in contact with the reality of business thanks to the high level of the professors and the professional experience seminars. Courses like Management Skills present a different point of view, increasing your interpersonal skills and the ability to deal with conflicts in businesses, which are both important for success in a professional career. Thanks to the business internships, I was working on projects, and making decisions, for a great multinational business. The MBA DEF has been the key to helping me open many doors.”


Érica Rodríguez Burcio, MBA DEF 2014. Chief Financial Officer at ATV (Salamanca / Spain)

Erica Rodriguez“The MBA DEF course has marked my development both personally and professionally. It is done through a practical and high level of training that teaches the skills one needs in order to make informed decisions within the business. Apart from working in a team, I would highlight the experience and professionality of the professors, as well as the contact with important executives within the business world. Those are the aspects that make this program stand out from any other training. Also, in the business where I did my internship, I had the opportunity to perform both operational and responsibility work. Still today I continue learning how to be a part of a great team of professionals. “

Cristina Rodríguez Gallego. MBA DEF 2009. Senior Family Businesses Consultant at PwC (Madrid / España)

Cristina Rodriguez Gallego MBA 2009“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest,” this statement made by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century is today a reality and, in my case, an experience that began thanks to a call from Julio Pindado inviting me to participate in the selection process for the MBA DEF in collaboration with PwC, where I have developed my professional career since 2009 in the Family Business and Large Estates Department. Six years after this call, I feel proud and fortunate to have completed my university training with the MBA DEF having also had a great personal experience since the classes became forums for meeting professionals who had given us their first hand testimonials in their area of business.”


Jorge Velerdas Sedano, MBA DEF 2012, Senior Auditor, EY (Ernst & Young), (Madrid/ Spain)

jorge Velerdas“I remember the moment I was told that I was going to be a part of the MBA DEF. In my case, I received a conjoined scholarship from the Santander Bank and the University of Leeds. I knew that this opportunity was going to be a very important step in my career and it was. Right when I received my Master’s degree I began working in the finance department of a family business and, after a few months, I was given the opportunity to be the junior auditor at Ernst and Young. In both companies, I was able to apply a lot of knowledge and experience I had acquired through the MBA, but the most important part has been spending time and learning alongside professionals that make up the MBA DEF community”


Lulú Yang, MBA DEF 2010. Investments agent at Aregentina´s Embassy in China (Pekín, China)


“The MBA DEF has given me an overall vision of the company and its different areas. This allowed me to design effective strategies to enable the company to make progress. I really appreciate the opportunity of sharing experiences with classmates with similar academic backgrounds and different professional interests. The most important thing was having the chance to work in team, which improved my interpersonal skills and enabled me to work in a multicultural environment. Thanks to the help of the whole community, I had the most profitable and unforgettable year of my life.”

Andrea Carbajal Josa, MBA DEF 2010. Repsol (Madrid / España)

Andrea Carbajal MBA DEF 2010“After finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Economy, I began to think about my professional development and decided to earn the MBA DEF because it offers complete training that is focused on the world of business. The master ends with internships (and usually a job offer) in which you are put in real world situations to test your knowledge. I would recommend this master without a doubt because the experience was very gratifying; it provided me with the tools to face business problems; it put me in contact with prestigious professors, well-known executives, and colleagues that are now managing businesses. But above all else, for the quality of the people within the ever-growing MBA DEF community that I am now a part of. “