“We appreciate the support of our businesses and Partner Institutions”

Businesses and Partner Institutions


The goals of the Multidisciplianary Institute of Business include establishing and maintaining stable relations with public and private universities to create up-to-date programs relating to research, training, and consulting services.

In this sense, the IME account, with the valuable contributions from businesses and institutions that have actively supported the creation and consolidation of the institute and the school of business, using resources and the collaboration of its managers in seminars in the scope of the IME which currently has the following programs: Master in Business Administration (MBA), MBA in Management of Family Businesses (MBA DEF), MBA in Direction of Agri-Food Businesses (EMA),  Management Development Program, Master in Management of Agri-Food Businesses, Global MBA, Executive MBA, Integral Program for Business Management, Business Development Program, and “In Company” Training. We especially recognize that these business and institutions have participated in the IME Employee Talent Program and we appreciate that they have chosen our consultation services as a result of their trust in our researchers.

Every year, we will award the businesses we work with that achieve the distinction of IME Businesses to recognize their collaboration with the IME.

The Business MBA DEF Award recognizes the path and the collaboration with the MBA in Management of Family Businesses, one of the most demanding MBAs in the IME Business School. Its winners year after year have been:

Premios MBA DEF

The Business IME Award recognizes the comitmment with IME initiatives and projects , in its second edition (2017) the winner has been Ganaderia Casaseca.

Premios Empresa IME 2017

Another IME Business Partners:

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With each passing year, more former students are achieving relevant managerial positions, the MBA DEF has transformed into a great community that helps its newer members who are just entering the professional world. With the creation of the Multidisciplinary Institute of Business (IME) and the later creation of the IME Business School, the number of members within the community has grown as well as its influence in the IME Community. The IME Community is made up of the businesses and collaborative institutions, professors, former students, the management team, and, above all else, current students. Our current students are the center of the IME Community. The community acts as a protectant membrane for its current students.


The role of the IME Community is very relevant because it allows for the unity of the IME with the society in which its activities are being developed. The first element of this community is the Chair of Family Business who, with the financial help of Santander Bank, has always made a portion of his resources available to the IME community in an attempt to help the professionalization of the businesses. The second element is Business Networking IME which is a response to the crisis that caused a decrease in demand, and, consequently, a substantial reduction in business sales. The goal of Networking is to increase the revenue of the participating businesses. The third element to highlight is the Multidisciplinary Institute of Business whose goal is to maximize the collaboration between the university and all of the businesses in areas related to business administration. The fourth and final element is the IME Business School which has grouped together a set of programs to mold new professionals for businesses. These four elements, as well as others that can be created in the future, will help ensure that the IME is the point of reference for the businesses within our area for their management and administrative needs.


The IME Community is, without a doubt, the result of the successful initiatives that we have developed during these years. We invite you to participate in these initiatives by writing to Infoime@usal.es.