The IME Business School, with the sponsorship from the Pro IME Foundation, organizes seminars to gain experience and business contacts for all of its students. In these seminars, we try to share the experiences of well-known businessmen and executives with our students. Given the small number of students, there is better interaction among the students and the invited businessmen and executives.

The IME Business School offers its students the opportunity to take classes imparted in Salamanca by invited, prestigious professors from business schools such as: London Business School (University of London), Saïd Business School (Oxford University), Fox School of Business (Temple University), Strathclyde Business School (University of Strathclyde), Leeds University Business School (University of Leeds), School of Economics, Finance and Management (University of Bristol) y Saint Mary’s College of California. These seminars are a tool for bettering constant skills, since it offers students the opportunity to debate economic- business themes with skilled speakers. It is important to consider that in a globalized environment, the development of these skills can allow for a competitive advantage for businesses that work with our students.

In this way, what we work to do is promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between students and our speakers, who are prestigious businessmen or professors from renowned academic institutions.