Businesses and Students go hand in hand

Our IME Job Talent Iniciative aims to help business in identifying, attracting, retaining, and compromising talent. We work to generate teams of key professionals for the development of the business. Thanks to many positive experiences from previous years with businesses that have worked with our programs, we know how to train key professionals who will contribute to the development of the business. In order to do this, we want more businesses to have to the opportunity to see the differences in the talent generated by the IME Business School.

The Iniciative helps businesses plan their strategies in relation to human resources at an executive level and middle managers. We invite businesses to direct themselves to, where they will be able to apply for one of the following services, completely free of charge.

  1. You can request the planning of your human resource strategy at the executive level and middle managers.
  2. You can request to be registered in our database to be invited to the events that we organize relating to the development of executives and managers
  3. You can send us your full-time job offers or internships and we will send them to all candidates.
  4. You can ask us for candidates with a specific profile and we will pre-select them and we will organize the interview with the candidates in your facilities or ours.
  5. You can request to be members of the IME community and understand the advantages that come with the IME Business.

Job Talent IME is an employment exchange for former IME Business School Students. They are excellent candidates to fill positions in demand with a specified level of experience.