• What is Business Networking?

Creating and taking advantage of networks of influence and relations to increase the business outocomes. It allows us to be more known, to promote our business, to learn about others, better ourselves, close deals, collaborations, find partners, investors, etc.

  • Why choose these business meetings?

Business events are organized once a month in which a determined number of  businessmen and decision makers congregate in their respective businesses. There they exchange useful information, increase our netowrk of contacts y increase the potential of our commercial relations.

  • What do we intend to do with this initiative?

Constitute a platform of businesses from the área of influence of the Multidisciplinary Institute of Business of the University of Salamanca and the Pro IME Foundation that hopes to make business with each other as well as with third parties, to increase its contacts, as well as increase its knowledge and resources in order to better manage business, projects and professional initiatives.

  • Who is this initiative directed towards?

The Business Networking IME is directed towards businesses that share the goal to collaborate with network members and third parties in order to better their competetive position in the market.

  • What benefits come from participating in this initiative?
  1. Participants in this Networking initiative will recieve a series of benefits for their active participation in this iniciative as follows:Maintain a close, regular, and efficient relationshp with the rest of the participants, that could become potential clients, prescribers and potential partners, allies on projects and concrete initiatives.
  2. Increase the client portfolios among the businessmen in the área, through the system of references
  3. Increase the business’ volumen and multiply the level of knowledge and references among businessmen and represented activities
  4. Understand first hand the situation and the necessities of the represented businesses from each sector and represented activity, which is a competetive advantage when planning new products and services.
  5. Receive expert advice that will help the business management and better the management’s capacity, planning and control of our businesses.
  • How much does it cost for attendees?

The initiative is 100% financed by the IME of the University of Salamanca. Therefore the necessary investment is that of time and dedication: two horas each month and the personal work that each person feels appropriate.

  • What is the organization like?

The Business Networking IME is contracted with Incolid, a Company that specializes in these types of events. Because of this, a great level of efficiency is achieved because there is no lost time. Also, Incolid is responsable for introducing a dynamic relationship process as well as making a follow-up and supporting contacts among partners and those of third parties.

  • How can i get more information?

If you are interested in the initiative, you can send us an email at networkingempresarial@usal.es or call us at 923294763.