The Multidisciplinary Institute for Enterprise (IME), in its eagerness to spread knowledge to society, lends services to companies and institutions in all fields where the experts that collaborate with the IME may provide advice. The great advantage of the IME is that it can offer a great variety of solutions, given its interdisciplinary character. The following is a catalogue of the services we offer.

Catalogue of the services offered to companies and institutions

Creation of Businesses

Family Business

  • Property Succession of the company
  • Management Succession of the company
  • Family protocol
  • Shareholders’agreements
  • Design of government structure within the family
  • Management of family patrimony

Government of the company

  • Design of governing bodies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Strategy and business plan

Business Restructuration

  • Bankruptcy planning
  • Viability plan

Analysis of Investment Projects

  • Identification of investment opportunities
  • Assessment of investment projects
  • Financing investment projects

Financing the company

  • Studies on sources of funding and their costs
  • Establishing dividend policy
  • Determining the financial structure of the company

Acquisitions and mergers of companies


  • Corporate accounting
  • Cost accounting

Tax issues

  • Tax planning
  • Tax advice


Commercial Distribution

  • Franchising

Market Research

  • Perceptions of quality, attitude, behavior
  • Analysis of word of mouth on the Internet

Sectoral diagnosis


  • Development of innovative processes

Management Development

  • Mentoring for companies
  • Mentoring for managers
  • Coaching for managers
  • Identifying talented young people

Internationalising the company

  • Identifying international opportunities
  • Creating an international department
  • Foreign markets research
  • International trade
  • Documentary credit
  • International taxation

Quality Management

  • Models of excellence: elaboration and evaluation of EFQM reports
  • Implementation of quality management systems

Operations Management

  • Implementing Lean tools
  • Logistics
  • Management of shopping and supply chain

People Management

  • Position analysis
  • Planning of human resources
  • Selection of employees
  • Training and development of human resources
  • Evaluation and management of performance
  • Audit of human resources
  • Motivation
  • Satisfaction
  • Organisation’s commitment
  • Competency-based management
  • Development of tools for evaluating human capital
  • Analysis of work climate
  • Elaboration of plans of equality within the company

Problematic labor

  • Reorganization of work
  • Collective work negotiation
  • Conflict mediation
  • Employment regulation records

Mercantile Problem

  • Design of mercantile contracts
  • Unfair competency. Publicity.
  • Guarantees: mortgages, loans, bonds
  • Credit Assignments

Industrial property

  • Brands and patents

Economic Policy

  • Analysis of juncture
  • Macroeconomics analysis
  • Plans for employee promotions