The Master in Digital Business Management comes from the agreement made by the University of Salamanca and the Havas Media Group business- a communications leader in the European and Latin American markets that belongs to one of the oldest businesses of publicity and communication in the world, Havas Group.

The Master, which will be accessed exclusively through  scholarship-contracts granted by the Havas Media Group, aims to train 20 people interested in developing their professional futures in the Havas Group business. With a marked digital focus, the Master in Digital Business Management will implement topics such as Business Strategy, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, Branded Content, Email Marketing, SEO, SEM or Mobile Marketing.

How can I apply for a Scholarship-contract from Havas Media Group?

  1. Read the guidelines for the Havas Media Group Scholarship-contract
  2. Fill out the admissions document and send to before 10:00am on November, 14th:
    • Complete the admissions form
    • A brief CV. The CV should be presented in the IME Business School format. You should pay attention to the instructions while filling out the CV, especially the part related to languages.
  3. The IME Selection committee will be in contact with you if you fulfill the necessary requirements to receive the Havas Media Group Scholarship-contract. They will perform the appropriate tests to evaluate your candidacy.


What does the Master in Digital Business include?

Business & Marketing Management 8 Business strategy. Strategical planning; Business plan; process management; Management systems for quality and excellent models; Management skills; Applied technology for Business Management


Fundamentals of Marketing and digital Marketing. Fundamentals of Marketing; commercial politics; online and offline communication; digital marketing; distribution channels; logistics; commercial electronics

Social Environment 6 Social Media Landscape; Social Media Advertising; Branded Content; Content Performance; Social Media Strategy.
Programmatic Buying 6 Sales RTB. RTB vs Programmatic Understanding the market, past and future; actors inside the RTB, Process/flow of work; RTB proposals; Agency vs Trading Desk.

Trading RTB. Activation and management of campaigns in each of the DSP principals in the market; Meta DSP

Performance Marketing 12 Affiliate Marketing. E-mail Marketing. SEM. SEO. Display Performance. E-commerce.
Mobile Marketing 8 Mobile environment. Creativity and content. Innovation and New Media. Strategy and Planning.
Data Analytics 8 Introduction to the Analytic Web. Introduction to Google Analytics. Implementation of an AW system. Integration of sources and external information into an AW system. Measurement of campaigns and optimization. Design reports and Dashboards.
Trabajo Final de Master 12 Designing a digital marketing campaign plan under a business assumption.

How long does it take to obtain the master?

The master in Digital Business Management lasts 18 months. It will start in January of 2018 and will end in June of 2019. The program is divided into two phases: master and internships in business. The second phase will be developed in the Havas Media Group Business and can be found in the guidelines of the scholarship-contract.

  1. Master: from January to June 2018. Wednesday to Friday from 16:00 t0 21:00. Saturdays from 9:00 to 14:00.
  1. Internship in the Havas Media Group business through the Key Program: July 2018- June 2019. It will be done through the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca’s Key Program. The student will receive monthly compensation during this time.


The Master in Digital Business Management will be completed in Madrid.