Who is it addresed to?

Recent graduates without experience or with minimal experience, who own family businesses or would like to start their professional career in a company with these characteristics, regardless of its size or sector. The student will acquire management techniques from companies that will be applicable to any type of business since the subjects taught are general. This MBA is different from other programmes because it focuses on the particularities of family business. The utility of this program is immense; 89% of companies in Spain are family businesses, of which 67% provide private employment. For this reason, the majority of business relations in general take place with family businesses.




Key Points

  • Provide a theoretical and practical vision for family businesses management
  • Give students the instruments and tools to facilitate decision-making in business




  • Train students to work in a team, to take leadership roles and to learn how to deal with subordinates
  • Provide students with the capacity to analyse problems and situations and to make the subsequent decisions depending on the situation
  • Foster development of management skills such as: leadership, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, activity planning, stress control and negotiation



  • Provide students with the capacity to create and develop businesses
  • Train students to be able to present statements before the CEO and justify as manager the positive and negative results and the plan that was made for the company
  • Provide students the ability to identify, evaluate and develop projects


The MBA in Family Business Management is adapted to the Espacio Europeo de Educacion Superior and has a course load of 60 credits ECTS. An ECTS credit is a unit for part- time students wanting to finish the MBA. As a reference for a part-time student, each ECTS credit would require 25 hours of dedication (including all types of activities)

 Team of Professionals

The perfect combination of faculty from USAL and Business Executives.