As stated in its statutes, the Pro IME Foundation aims to support people, companies and institutions related to the business world, by transferring the knowledge generated in the universities, since members of the Multidisciplinary Institute for Enterprise (IME) belong to universities.

The Pro IME Foundation was created in 2016 by fifteen different companies from the province of Salamanca and Julio Pindado, Director of the IME. The Foundation will develop its activities in the region of Castilla y León, without excluding a future expansion to other Spanish regions and to other countries.

The activities that the foundation intends to carry out to fulfill its foundational purposes will be:

  • Promoting activities to boost both the development of rural zones in Salamanca and the sustainability of its resources.
  • Undertaking studies and reports, paying special attention to the different aspects related to the enviromental protection.
  • Offering quality master’s degrees in correlation to the needs of the companies.
  • Supporting the employability of young people from Castilla y León, in particular, of university graduates.
  • Conducting interdisciplinary research on all aspects related to the company.
  • Supporting external projects.
  • Training executives and workers of the companies through activities of diverse nature.
  • Supporting the economic development of the University of Salamanca (USAL) environment in a broad sense, in particular, in all geographic locations where the USAL is interested and may have potential students. This support will be extended internationally wherever the University carries out activities. We will also pay special attention to the rural area, given the importance of this area for the region of Castilla y León and the province of Salamanca.
  • Promoting business culture through training, information and other types of activities deemed appropriate, with special attention to entrepreneurs, family businesses and agro-food companies.
  • Supporting investment projects involving the attraction of capital to the USAL environment, mainly, in Salamanca and its province.

Founding Partners

A continuación, se detallas cuáles son cada una de estas empresas: The Pro IME Foundation is made up of 16 founding partners. All of them are companies from the province of Salamanca, except Mr. Julio Pindado García, founder in his personal capacity. The founding companies are detailed below:

beher copasa  el-secretario feltrero  gildo
ganaderia-casaseca global-exchange 7-blazquez Jamones 9-grupo-recio hacha-motor
 protoinfo revisan santos sanven ternera-charra

Collaborating Partners



The Statutes of the Pro IME Foundation consist of 34 articles. As stated in the fist article, the Pro IME Foundation is “a non-profit organisation, which is constituted by the will of individuals and companies collaborating with the Multidisciplinary Institute of Enterprise (IME).”

Article 6 contains the founding purposes and activities of the Foundation. Article 7 indicates the beneficiaries of the foundation,  this is, the whole society in general.

Title Two contains the governing bodies of the Foundation. Articles 9 to 23 deal with the structure and functioning of the Board of Trustees. Articles 24 and 25 indicate the functions of the Director and other workers of the foundation.

Title Three contains the articles related to the founding capital, the assets held by the Foundation and the applicable financial and accounting system. Finally, Title Four includes the cases of statutory amendment, merger, extinction or liquidation of the Foundation.

More information

Full Text in PDF

Board of Trustees

The first Board of Trustees of the Pro IME Foundation is formed by eight members.


President: Mr. Julio Pindado García, Multidisciplinary Institute for Enterprise (IME)


  • Mr. Jesús Félix Fernández Martín, “El Secretario”
  • Mr. Juan Antonio Alanís Marcos, “Eurodivisas”
  • Mr. Juan Luis Feltrero Oreja, “Feltrero División Arte”
  • Mr. Francisco Blázquez Hernández, “Grupo Blázquez”
  • Mr. Yolanda Martín Revilla, “Revisán”
  • Mr. Luis Hipólito Martín Luis, “Copasa”
  • Mr. José Juan Santos Hernández, “Santos Grupo”

Secretary: Mr. Ricardo Dávila Hidalgo, Director of Pro IME Foundation

Honour Trusteees:

  • Mr. Bernardo Hernández Tinoco, “Beher”
  • Mr. Hermenegildo Bravo Flores, “Grupo Gildo”
  • Mr. Emilio José Hernández Cid, “Ganadería Casaseca”
  • Mr. Juan Alberto Recio Flemmich, “Grupo Recio”
  • Mr. David Alonso Chacón, “Hacha Motor”
  • Mr. Juan Luis Hernández Borrego, “Sanven Restauración Automática”
  • Mr. Javier Boyero Serrano, “Ternera Charra”
  • Mr. Fernando Criado Martín, “PROTOinfo”
  • Mr. Juan Alonso Chacón, “Hacha Motor”
  • Mr. Jorge Manuel Recio Flemmich, “Grupo Recio”


  • The presentation of the Pro IME Foundation took place on 10th November at the Hotel IBB Recoletos Coco in Salamanca. The founding members participated in the event to explain the founding purposes and the first activities that the Foundation will carry out. More info here.
  • Video presentation of Foundation Pro IME. Interview  with Julio Pindado and José Juan Santos. Https://